We Love Winson Green! Releasing potential for change through partnerships

Winson Green is such a hyper-diverse, multi-gifted neighbourhood. Newbigin Community Trust exists to help unleash the potential of our neighbours and neighbourhood here. Here are just some of the ways we partner to bring our community together to see change happen.

Community Meals (6pm Tuesday and Thursday nights at Newbigin House)
Jericho Jobs club and drop-in: (10am Monday at Newbigin House)
Parents drop-in at Foundry Primary School
Lunch clubs at Foundry Primary School
Adult exercise classes at Oasis Hub
Afterschool clubs: Newbigin House
Afterschool clubs: External
Animal Encounters
Flavours of Winson Green
Prison: visiting
Prison: craft at Drake Hall
Prison: post release support
Prison: RSO support
Vulnerable families support: respite care
Vulnerable adults support
Worth Families
Youth club
Holiday Activities
Informal dinners: Newbigin
parents and toddlers group
Grow Group
Urban Change Makers emerging urban leadership program
Fresh Expression Church currenlty at 4pm Newbigin House
Soho Albion Football Club

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