The REP Jack And The Magic Beanstalk!

We had the privilege of holding the performance of Jack and the Magic Beanstalk at Lodge Road as they are on tour across Birmingham! We invited a couple of our local schools, families and our Golden ages group to come along and see the show!

Along side working with warm earth for our school groups as the children arrived they could plant their one magic bean which they could take home with them. We had two viewings one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The children loved getting involved with the show and the actors (this included the character of Jack hiding amongst the children which they found hilarious)

The set of the show was very eye catching and they filled the space very will everyone was involved. Our Golden ages group had lunch before hand then could watch the show alongside the school children. It was so incredible to be able to provide this opportunity for our schools, local families and over 60s as most of them wouldn’t have had the experience of going to watch a performance like this before.

A big Thank you to the Birmingham REP and our staff/ volunteers and Warm Earth for this amazing day! We hope to work with the REP in the future and definitely going to do this again.

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