Alpacas in Winson Green?

Have you seen Alpacas walking the streets of Winson Green? You’re not seeing things! You can find the alpacas either at Newbigin house or opposite foundry school on James Turner street.  At the moment we have three resident alpacas Angel, Muffin and Judy.

In spring we take care of newborn lambs that lost their moms on the farm and need looking after. we take care of them until they are big enough to go back to our local farm in Southfields. They are very popular with our community and our schools. you will see them running about in nappies! Our most recent lambs are Casper and Max one of our local families have been taken care of them. 

Alpaca Animal Support Group!

Recently we have started a special needs support group with our amazing alpacas, at Newbigin House and Foundry Field on James Turner street. It has been a great support and very successful and popular.

In the past the Alpacas where part of a local project in the community that helps children recover from trauma. They where also apart of Oasis Animal encounters along with goats, chinchillas and sheep that where taken into schools around the West Midlands helping children.

Gwen Gardner, local Winson Green residents and one of the Animal Encounters founders says, ‘Animals bridge the gap where human communication fails. They speak a universal language that brings peace and calm.’

Our alpacas are very popular in our community as many of our residents have never even seen a sheep let alone an Alpaca! 

This video by the Church of England shows the lighter side of the work Here

For more information see the Animal Encounters Facebook Page or email Gwen on .

Angle and Muffin roaming the streets of Winson Green – check out this article on Birmingham live about our alpacas!