Creative Showcase! 16th September 2022!

We had an amazing turn out on Friday night! Showcasing the creative skills of our community.

We had a number of different performances including live steel pans, the band Mind Funk, kids choir and kids guitar group performed ‘We will rock you’ we also had our kids breakdance group perform for the first time. We had a live painter Leon create artwork with our guests. Members of our community where selling things they have made including ladies from the benson hub who had made things out or clay to sell.

Smashing metal our Creative City Project had a live demonstration of blacksmithing with members or the group taking part and selling what they had created during the project. This project smashing metal has been very successful and will continue past the creative city project.

We had some special guests that attended such has our local police officers (neighboured team) Councillor Chanam Lal and Councillor Sybil Spence and Inspector Ubhi. Thank you so much for attending and seeing what our amazing community put together.

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